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I have a master’s degree in environmental science, and I spent a whole lot of years and lost a whole lot of sleep for that degree. I used that shiny degree as an environmental scientist for the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality’s water protection program, and it was great, but Jarad (my husband) and I knew we didn't belong in Northern VA and I slowly came to the realization that I was meant to be a photographer.   So, husband and I decided to pack our bags, sell our house in Northern Virginia, and move to our new home by the beach in Charleston, SC! Through donating a portion of all proceeds to local environmental non-profits and continuing to volunteer with eco-restoration efforts whenever I can, I feel like I'm living the best of both worlds!

 I get to provide happy folks with something they will cherish for the rest of their lives, while still giving back to the environment. And yep, you have my permission to call me a cheeseball...I'll be the first to admit I've gone soft in my late 20's. ;-) 


  • As for the pronunciation of my last name, think of it like a public pool. We all know the "P" is there, but it's just easier for everyone to pretend it isn't. 
  • My husband Jarad was my college sweetheart, and I am infinitely grateful  for him and the years of love and laughter we've shared. 

  • I have a sometimes unsettling affinity for cats (even though I'm a dog person at heart)- because let's face it...the little jerks are hilarious.
  • I am a geek, and I was born on Star Wars day..."May the Fourth be with you"  ...*taps mic...this thing on? ...I'll see myself out.

  • I'll choose a sandy stroll on the beach with my derpy and lovable lab Luna (aka "lunadarg") over a trip to the mall any day. We've only been in SC for a short while but so far she's LOVING being so close to the beach! Now if I could just stop her from drinking the ocean water... 

Stephanie kopf photography Charleston south carolina wedding photographer

And finally, I love my job.

Love it love it love it. 

...ESPECIALLY if you let me drive you around in a golf cart on your wedding day!  :-)


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