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Behind the Scenes | An awkward look into photographing the 2014 wedding season

I love seeing my favorite wedding photographers post their annual "behind the scenes" images on their blogs, which are usually comprised of nothing but incredibly flattering and charming images of them doing their thing on wedding days.

This is not one of those posts. 


I've learned SO much this year, and have had some of the most rewarding and educational experiences of my life. I've also learned/confirmed a few things about myself while culling through my second shooter's images. In summary:

  1. I have a few "wedding uniforms" that work for me and I stick with them. Requirements include comfortable shoes, POCKETS (A MUST), and weather appropriate (July/August weddings are toasty)
  2. I am generally awkward and not photogenic, or graceful, for that matter, but I do what needs to be done to get the job done. :-)
  3. Despite my awkward goofballishness (yeah, I totally just made that word up),  I'm always HAPPY and honored to be doing what I do. 

You know you're in for a treat when I start the post with the most flattering shot out of all of them, and it isn't that flattering.  Without further ado, a behind the scenes look at the 2014 wedding season. Enjoy. 

I've learned that I have amazing posture when shooting...*does sarcasm convey in blog posts? 

And that I like to test my balance with awkward maneuvers...

Speaking of balance... This is right as I almost had a complete wipe out trying to stand up on a chair for whatever reason.    So. Graceful. 

behind the scenes stephanie kopf photography

I'm actually a pretty tall gal, so I'm not sure what my deal is about standing up on things, but I do it A LOT. 

Stephanie Kopf photography Behind the scenes weddings
Stephanie Kopf photography Behind the scenes weddings

I swear I'm not yelling at Ally!!! :-) I promise was just giving instructions for the bouquet toss. "So what you do, is beam it as hard as you can behind you towards the unsuspecting guests...50 points for a bloody nose". 

Just kidding guys. Don't do that.  

Uhh, yeah. About these faces...

Stephanie Kopf photography Behind the scenes weddings
behind the scenes charleston wedding photographer

Although Krysta (my AMAZING second shooter for many of this year's weddings) had some pretty good ones herself, and will probably kill me for posting these. #hashtagWorthIt. ;-)

behind the scenes wedding photographer

A moment of reflection and weird hand positioning:

Just creepin in the bushes for a kickass ceremony shot...

behind the scenes charleston wedding photographer

The real magic happens when light testing for those awesome night time shots. Not awkward at all...

behind the scenes charleston wedding photographer

I'm going to make a point of getting more shots with my AMAZING clients (friends) next year, they are my favorite. :-) Also no, I have no idea why I make that same goofy face so much. Good thing I'm mostly behind the camera, huh?

behind the scenes charleston wedding photographer
behind the scenes charleston wedding photographer

All smiles. <3 This year has truly been the most rewarding of my life. Thank you so much for being a part of this adventure! 

behind the scenes charleston wedding photographer

Cheers to next year's adventures, and hopefully more flattering behind the scenes shots (although I wouldn't hold my breath). ;-) 

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