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Rachel & Charlie | Engaged! | Downtown Charleston SC Engagement Photographer

Happy monday errrybody! It's a chilly, rainy morning here in Charleston but I've been sporting a big ol' smile while putting together today's post. :)   Charlie and Rachel are dear friends of mine, and at risk of sounding like my grandma, it was a real treat to shoot their engagement photos. Yep. Definitely used some grandma rhetoric right there...aaaaand moving on. 

Charlie has been one of my best friends for over a decade now (yikes we're getting old...actually starting to feel like a grandma over here...aaaaaand moving on again). Charlie has always felt like a (much cooler) older brother to me and I am SO thrilled that he and Rachel have found each other. 

Every summer for 10 years, a group of friends from college and I follow an overgrown trail into the middle of nowhere, Shenandoah, and set up camp along the river for a weekend. To be clear, this is not at a campground with electricity or plumbing of any sort, this is a small clearing alongside riffle of the Shenandoah River, in the middle. of. nowhere. I knew Rachel was a keeper the first year Charlie brought her along to our less than comfy annual camping spot. Because she is markedly more feminine and well kept than I could ever dream to be, I was pleasantly surprised when she seamlessly fit right in with our ridiculous, messy, (and let's be honest, probably drunk) group of friends, and has every year since.  I've loved getting to know Rachel over the years since, and I love how happy she and Charlie are together even more. :) 

Thanks for making the trip down to Charleston, you two! We loved having you stay with us and I had an absolute blast exploring around downtown with you. You guys must come back down again soon, we have so many more restaurants to visit! ...Charlie, there was some talk about you building me a fire pit? Yes. There's reason enough. Food. and Fire pits. Done, see you soon. ;-) Cheers to Charlie and Rachel and congratulations on your engagement! I can't wait for your wedding next year! Enjoy a few favorites from their our strolls around Charleston: :)   

Yep, definitely not going to get sick of the scenery down here any time soon. Also can we talk about how beautiful this couple is?!?!

It was hard to leave those beautiful oaks and spanish moss, but we found plenty more gorgeous locations and beautiful light while strolling around downtown. PS- this was also my first time seeing the iconic pineapple fountain! I'm still such a tourist.  :) 

Rachel, you're stunning. Charlie, you're a goofball. 

And of course I made them step back out into a little bit of nature for the sunset because let's be real. The historic architecture in Charleston is to die for, but buildings will never catch light quite like this...

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