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Behind the Scenes: 2015 edition!

There are two things I think I should mention about this post right out of the gate:

  1. You might assume that this will be one of those posts where I only post really flattering, beautiful photos of myself looking super-duper cool while shooting weddings. This is not that post. Mostly because there was a total of one super cool photo of myself taken while shooting weddings this year. And that wasn't enough for a blog post. 
  2. You might assume that I only shot two weddings this year because it appears that I wore one of two dresses for almost every wedding I shot.  Aaaand the reason for this is that I literally did only wear one of two dresses for every wedding I shot. ;-) The two dresses were my wedding "uniforms" if you will.  In my defense, they are made with awesome neoprene material that wicks sweat (and doesn't show sweat at all) so they kept me nice and cool, and they both have POCKETS. Pockets on a wedding day are a pretty big deal to me, (obviously)I choose to supplement my wedding "uniforms" with a super fashionable leather fanny pack from (circa) the early 90's. You're probably thinking "Man, she really is on the cutting edge of fashion; so chic"!   And you're totally right.

"Alright get on with it, let's see some embarrassing photos!" 

Oh, I'll feed you baby birds, I'll feed you.

I'll start with a few cell phone pics from Cancun, my first destination engagement shoot and wedding (with two of the coolest, sweetest people I've ever had the pleasure of working with). It still kind of feels like a dream. 

Without a second shooter, I didn't have many behind the scenes shots from their wedding, just a few that Jarad took. While he was a surprisingly good photographer, most photos were of my butt, so I'll spare you. Probably for the bst. Here's the two (non-butt photos) I have, sharing only because I'm actually wearing a different dress from the rest of the year's weddings. ;-) See Sergio and Erin's wedding here and here!

Cancun was great...but it didn't have golf carts.  I may have been a little too enthusiastic about zooming across cow fields in that fly whip.  ;-) 

"Fly away, veil! Be free!"

"OMG look at how you adorable you two arrrre" -me, too many times that day. 

*Honorable mention in this photo goes to my sweet fanny pack. See Sarah and Matt's wedding here

"You should probably see how really, really, ridiculously good looking you are right now"

See Karina and Jeff's wedding here


I felt like I was in an action movie for this one. The sole image in which I actually felt super cool. 

But then, reality. haha :) 

*Note to self* Make these faces more often, they're extremely flattering. 

Out of focus but I thought it was neat and I'm in need of redemption after those last ones so...

**I thought she was kidding about only wearing one of two dresses for almost every wedding this year**      LOL NOPE. 

"Oh please don't drop her please don't drop her..."

"Phew...okay we're good..."

Hahaha I had to include this one purely based on all of the facial expressions in this photo...I have no recollection about who we were looking at or what the topic of discussion was, but it must have been good. *Note- this was one of the most happy and fun couple/bridal party I had all year, which may have been why I found this photo so hilarious. :) See Lara and Matt's wedding here!

Sweeping bridal party adjustments...

That awkward moment when one of your two wedding "uniforms" matches that of a wedding guest...

Don't mind me, just getting a few shots of this chair looking super majestic real quick...

...Okay so there was actually a reason for the random field chair. Also yes, I know my hair was definitely out of control at that point, which it often is during the later hours of a toasty wedding day.

"Okay so maybe there's a pretty significant ravine right here but it's totally worth jumping over, promise...please don't drop her please don't drop her"  *Note: totally worth it. Proof:  See Keri and Ben's wedding here!

**Double note: obligatory comment about my hair again. Sorry yall, I've added hair spray/anti frizz measures to my "wedding uniform" for 2016. 

Demonstrating how to squeeze her waist really tight so it looks even smaller :-) 

I am sincerely grateful when people that laugh at my horrible jokes...thanks for humoring me. :)

And sometimes even taking a moment for a photo with me :) See Rachel and KC's wedding here!

Love first dances! 

And this here is your wedding cake! Taaa daaa! 

Giving a crash course in cake cutting...they totally nailed it.

Sometimes you have to get in the middle of the dancing action for the best least that's the excuse I use for busting out a few *terrible* dance moves with guests every now and then...

I call this dance move the "retrieve your flash you stuck to the windowsill for the cake shots". It's like any other dance move, except not really a dance move and 10 million times more awkward. Also, Yikes. Why did I post this again?

Ummm, doing the robot maybe? No clue.   *Dat fanny pack doe...

Last but not least, a "selfie" with one of the most awesome and talented second shooters around, Miss Sarah Lindemann. <3 

2015 was truly an incredible year with some of the most genuine, thoughtful, and FUN couples, with the most touching and beautiful weddings. Self deprecation and silliness aside, it was an incredible honor to be a part of each and every wedding last year. Thank you all so much for allowing me to be a part of it. 

ALSO! Thank you thank you thank you to my incredible second shooters from which most of these shots came, Sarah Lindemann, Danielle Blocker, and Rosie Omar. Yall the real MVPs. 


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