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Ashley & Leroy | Engaged! | Folly Beach Engagement Photographer | Charleston SC

Ahhh, Folly Beach. Ashley and Leroy trekked a long path with me up to the easternmost point of Folly to begin their engagement session amongst the beautiful, weather-beaten trees that punctuated the shore and saluted the adjacent Morris Island lighthouse.  Bright, sparkly light danced off the warm sand as we strolled along the shore, and despite a few (okay, a million) uninvited mosquitos, these two were all smiles and laughs from the very first shot. Both comfortable in each others arms and seamlessly transitioning to striking "model faces" from their natural, animated smiles, Ashley and Leroy seriously ROCKED this shoot and I had such a great time getting to know them both! They're both the kind of people that hug you the first time they meet you, laugh at your very un-funny jokes, and instantly make you feel like a longtime friend. :) 

After a fantastic start on the East end of the beach, I suggested we travel down to the opposite, far West end to catch the sunset and finish the shoot. Two things about this decision worth mentioning:

  1. I forgot that the west end beach is part of a gated county park that was CLOSED by the time we arrived, and the super cool spot I had envisioned for their shoot was only accessible by a 15 minute walk. 15 minutes of beautiful sunset light that we couldn't afford to lose. 
  2. At this point I panicked and desperately stood in the middle of the road and waved like an idiot towards the LAST truck exiting the park (a park employee). Confused, he kindly pulled over as I proceeded to beg him to let us pile in the cab of his truck and give us a ride to the end of the park. He seemed a little iffy at first (rightly so, it was a weird request and I'm sure he thought I was nuts) but THANKFULLY he was a kind and generous soul and got us there just in time for the last light of the evening. Phew! 

Our mini crisis avoided, as we stepped into the sand, my confidence in my decision to venture to the opposite end of the island returned. The sun raced toward the horizon, setting both the skies and tide ablaze, and Ashley and Leroy stepped into the shimmering surf as it curled toward them...and right about then I was sure I'd died and went to heaven. The water, the colors, the beautiful couple...good golly. :) 

Congratulations to the beautiful couple on their engagement! It has been a pleasure getting to know you both and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about your wedding next year!!!  Enjoy a few of my favorites from our adventures around Folly Beach: :) 

^^Told you they killed it from the very beginning... :-) Also, how cool are these gnarly trees!?!

Loved these with the lighthouse! I feel like this should be a postcard haha :)

A quick outfit change, a mini-panic attack for me at the sight of a closed gate, and a ride in a kind stranger's truck later, we made it to the opposite end of the island for some MAGIC. 

The skies gradually transitioned to the most beautiful pastel, cotton candy hues, which conveniently matched their outfits!  This sunset was made for them. 

Cheers you two!!! <3 

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