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2014 In Review: A look at a silly "Goals" list posted last year | Personal | Charleston SC Wedding Photographer

Last year, on December 31st, I posted a "Goals for the new year (2014)" blog post outlining all of the big plans I had for 2014, a list of lofty planned accomplishments- theoretically so I could give myself a big ol' pat on the back a year later. Welp, here we are, in a shiny new 2015, and last night I decided to review that old list to confirm that I had FAR surpassed my goals...

Here's how it actually went: 


Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic. I actually made far bigger strides last year than I thought I would and did finish quite a few, but as time passed I found my capricious priorities/business plans wandering outside of that structured list. In that same vein, the biggest lesson I learned last year was that what is true one day is likely to be different the next, both in my personal life and with my business- and it's absolutely imperative to be flexible, to keep imagining and executing growth, and to revel in the awesomeness of my job, even in the absolute madness that is "busy season". 

"Ughh get on with the juicy stuff, just tell us where you fell short" -everyone reading this post. ;-)

Alllllrightttt, so here is a condensed list of what was on my list on December 31, 2013 and what did and didn't accomplish:

  1. Launch a pretty website- YEP- Is it exactly what I want it to be? Not yet, but SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL do you remember what it looked like at this time last year? If you don't, that's a good thing. If you do, purge that memory immediately. ;-) 
  2. Comprehensive wedding and portrait packages- YEP- now offering wedding albums too!
  3. Design and print a sample album for wedding clients: YEP- Although it happened literally a couple of weeks ago I was really pushing it with that one. ;-) 
  4. Start a blog series highlighting my successes/failures as a photographer to help others- NOPE- Still to come. I needed more experience before starting this...I may be comfortable enough to start this year it's just a matter of when I'll make time to do it. 
  5. Make a written step-by-step workflow for each session/wedding for editing, posting, and delivering final products- NOPE- I know what needs to be done and when, but I reheheheheally need to work on setting up my business management/organization software properly so that it's actually helpful and not just money down the drain every month.  
  6. Become consistent and confident with an external and off-camera flash- YEP, off camera flash and I are good frannnds.  Relevant: 
Charleston wedding photographer stephanie kopf photography off camera flash

7. Expand my lens collection to fit my needs- YEP! Spending painful amounts of money on photography equipment? No problem, new lenses/equipment are like crack to me. 

8.  Effective Time management- NOPE. I'll save you the lengthy, sometimes depressing details, but the combination of family health problems, a full time job, and a myriad of very un-fun events 2014 decided to throw my way this year (on top of all of the awesome but incredibly time consuming things e.g. my NEEDY but adorable Luna darg, weddings, engagements, meetings, etc etc), I caught myself feeling overwhelmed more than once. Steps have been taken, again, to better manage my time and stress level for next year despite some big life changes, and somehow I'm thinking that living near the beach is going to help BIG TIME. :-)

So those goals were cool and all, but here's what the 2014 important goal list should have been: 

-yeah, that was bad...mostly because I was referencing Kanye but the execution was horrible too...sorry abut that...this one really is better and more accurate though. :-) 

  1. Develop incredible friendships with your clients and other photographers.
  2. Become much more self confident and overcome a little bit of that social anxiety.
  3. Inspire confidence and self pride in your clients with your work. Capture their best side and show off how freaking awesome they are. Because they are all going to be incredible, and they all will become friends. Use that rock/stick/imaginary object you just tripped over for the third time during a shoot to help ease your client's anxiety about being in front of the camera- because they have nothing to worry abut when you're more awkward/goofy than they could ever be. ;-) 
  4. Laugh and smile through the stress on wedding days. Problem solve, and enjoy the fact that someone trusts you enough to be a part of this. Ugly cry behind the camera often. 
  5. Be grateful for and kind to those around you, especially those who have shown endless support and patience with you while you've been way too busy, stressed, messy, emotional, and a general pain in the keister -Looking at you, Jarad. <3
  6. HUSTLE. 
  7. Continue to build the life you've dreamed, but know that the fun part is actually building it, not some imaginary finish line. 

Coming up in 2015- Keep an eye out for images from the amazing styled shoot I organized with two other incredible photographers in Charleston, a Cancun destination wedding (this month!), a big scary move down to Charleston, a ton of gorgeous (and different!) weddings/engagements, and most importantly...more stupid gifs because I just discovered that I can add them to blog posts and am obviously wayyyy too excited about it. 

I won't bother posting list of boring pragmatic goals for 2015; I think it's better just to note that I will be making 2015 my bitch. 

 Happy (sorta late) New Year!

Happy New Year! Charleston Wedding Photographer

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