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BIG Change in 2015!

Last night, I had to make a "quick" drive down to Fredericksburg, which is about 30 miles south on I95. Considering the speed limit on the highway, someone who hasn't experienced the fresh hell that is northern Virginia traffic may assume that it would take me about 30 minutes to get there...nope, 2.5 hours. While sitting in the standstill traffic, empathizing with the sentiments of screaming toddler in the car next to my own, I decided that it was time to share my excitement about our move next year to a pretty, far less populated beach town. 

Cliche as it may sound, I've dreamed of living near the shore for as long as I can remember. A deep appreciation for the vastness, the beauty, and the overwhelming power of the ocean was instilled in me from an early age, and I've never felt quite as at home as I do when that salty air hits my nostrils, when the sand compresses softly beneath my feet, when the static in my ears, my thoughts, is finally quieted upon that first submersion into the tide. TL;DR, the beach is my happy place. 

Jarad and I have been discussing a move for a few years now, and have finally made the decision to go all Nike and just do it. Considering he JUST got a new job here in Virginia that requires him to be here until June, and I've already booked several weddings here for the first half of the year, the earliest we could move will be around mid-June, 2015. That being said, I will no longer be taking on any weddings in the area beyond May, because we're moving to...


We are BEYOND excited, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little scared. We've lived in VA our entire lives, our family is here, our friends are here, and I will basically have to start my business from scratch again, but this time without knowing more than two people in the area. But, the SLOWER PACE, the charming, historic city, the BEAUTIFUL scenery, and the amazing beaches are calling me...and we are so thrilled. Oh, and the food. Good golly, that town knows good food.

Unfortunately, there are still a TON of unknowns at the moment, particularly revolving around job statuses, selling our home, buying a new one, etc, etc, but we are taking things one step at a time.  While we are both nervous, we're looking towards the future with excitement and optimism. Our goal is to be out of here around June or July of next year, and I hope to begin booking weddings in Charleston in the fall of 2015. Whether or not things will work out exactly according to that timeline is very much up in the air, but I'm trying very hard to suppress my anxious/control-freak side and let things unfold as they will. :-)

"Something Borrowed, Something Green" WILL continue after the move, however I will likely be dividing the donations between the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and another environmental non-profit that's more local to the Charleston area (which I'm still looking into). Fear not! 


Cheers to (scary) new beginnings...and less traffic!

Sweet mother of pearl, please let there be less traffic. 





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