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Holly, Noelle, & Luke

Holly and I had the pleasure of meeting through our mutual pal, Allison at an amazing dreamland of an estate out in Clifton when they were kind enough to invite my INSANE lab Luna and I out so we could both stretch our legs and get some fresh air. Holly boards her gorgeous horse Noelle at what would soon become known as "Luna's disneyworld", complete with lots of friendly dogs for her to play with, acres and acres of open space and horse trails, and Luna's favorite part, a big, dirty pond for her to romp in. :-) Actually, it was Luke, Holly's golden retriever, that taught Luna to swim out at "disneyworld" earlier this year! 

Holly is not only BEAUTIFUL, but is such a kind soul, from the moment you meet her. I've actually gotten over a LOT of my social anxiety this year, but I still feel just a little anxious when meeting new people because I'm a bit of an odd-duck, if you will. :-) However, when you meet Holly, see her genuine laugh/smile and how she interacts with and loves animals, you can immediately tell that she's one of the good ones and you're free to be yourself around her.  

Anyhoo, before I go full-on girl crush about Holly and how much I enjoy her company, I'll mention how this session came about. She did me and Luna a HUGE favor a couple of months ago when I was shooting a wedding and had no one to take Luna out for a potty break, while I was gone for over 12 hours. Holly watched her pretty much the whole day, let her play with her pals at the barn, fed her, walked her, the whole 9. I was SOOO grateful, especially since I live nowhere near Holly, and she had to make quite a trip to do it all. So, since I usually have my camera out when Luna and I visit (because it's so pretty), I suggested a mini shoot with the animals while the leaves were turning...and I was so happy she let me do them! 

Enjoy a few of my favorites, so glad to have you, Noelle, and Luke as friends! ;-)  Cheers! 

PS- Allison you're next. :-)

Noelle was CHEESING for this one...haha :-D 

Now it's Luke's turn for a goofy face.... :-)

*GAHHHH I just loved these so much! 

Of course, I'm always a big fan of the "real" images, but these ones below are even more of a look into the Holly I know and love.

Goofball. :-) 

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