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Karen & Justin | Love

"Calm down Steph, seriously, you will be fine" Jarad insisted, as I tapped nervously on the steering wheel while the phone's monotone GPS repeated the reminder to turn right in zero-point-two-five miles.  I'm not going to lie, I was neither calm nor all that kind to my husband as we rushed up the parkway, despite nothing but kind, encouraging words beforehand from both the photographer I was about to meet, and my endlessly patient husband. 

Perhaps you remember me mentioning that I've joined about 53 million photography Facebook groups lately in hopes of soaking up all that sweet, sweet knowledge from those more experienced than myself.  A couple of weeks ago, Karen, a seasoned photographer from Santa Barbara, California posted in one of the non-location specific groups that she and her boyfriend would be visiting the Northern Virginia area, and would love to have some portraits done in the snow (unfortunately her visit was in one of the few times this winter that we didn't have snow) and exchange her services in return. Of course I checked out her work, was thoroughly intimidated, and quickly wrote myself off as being able to do that for her. I still wanted to help her out, so I offered to relay her post to some of the local photographer groups, as she's have more luck there.

Two minutes later, I received a message from Karen that put a smile on my face for the rest of the day, saying she would love to trade photo sessions and mentioned that I "shouldn't underestimate my beautiful work".  Naturally, I immediately dropped everything and started designing our BFF bracelets.

Really though, I was incredibly flattered, and incredibly nervous. I'm going to pose and shoot a real-deal, full time, super experienced photographer?  As it turns out, at the end of it all, amidst all of my ridiculous and unfounded anxiety, I found a bit more confidence in myself. You know what, maybe she is right, maybe I am underestimating myself and I really should stop that nonsense. Anyway, enough of that. Moving on. :-)

My nerves were quelled upon arrival, as Karen's bouncy, smiley self greeted us at the door. Soon we headed to a trail that bordered the apartment, as Jarad and I were to be the ones in front of the camera first.  We finished in what seemed like a blink of an eye (actually, probably lots of blinking because we are the most awkward couple in history step in front of a camera).

THEN IT WAS BUSINESS TIME. Okay just kidding it wasn't serious business at all. :-) I found myself having so much fun with these two as they joked, laughed, and cuddled together (yeah, yeah, 8 year old me is mimicking gag motions right now).  Seriously though, they were adorable. Not only was the shoot super relaxed and fun, I am also very proud the resulting images. These two were so calm and it was obvious that they knew what they were doing, making my job super easy. Want proof? Check out the last image of this post. Karen has the most out of this world "fierce" look ever! I even dragged these two into a fringe wetland because the light was pretty, and they were totally down for it.   Awesome.

Cheers, Karen and Justin! I like you both enough to suppress my soul crushing jealousy that you live in beautiful, warm Santa Barabara as we are hit with 10 inches of snow. Again.

Enjoy a few of my favorites.



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So cute!StephanieKopfPhotography_0011





LOVED this one!








Dat model face...hahaStephanieKopfPhotography_0025

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