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A Little Family Meet Up...with surprise police guest appearance!

You know how they say, aint no party like a Bates family party. Okay, so maybe no one says that...but how many of your family get togethers at the park end with police involvement? Don't worry, I'm being dramatic. :-) A few of my family members and I met yesterday at a park in Fredericksburg to play around, and naturally I had to have my camera attached to me the entire time. What I didn't know when we chose the location and a 4pm start time, was that the park closed at 5pm. Ugh. We spent a little time on the playground and ventured around to take a few (awesome) shots of My Aunt Bobbi Jo and my cousins Lauryn and Joshua.

As we went further from the parking area, most of us didn't hear the "warning horn" that alerted us that we had 15 minutes left to leave, or even know that there was going to be one. My cousin Brittni was closer to the parking lot, and heard the horn blow while we snapped a few more shots because the sun had FINALLY come out from behind the clouds and the light was delicious (read: it was my fault I kept everyone longer...whoops). We hopped in our cars 5 minutes after the horn (right at 5pm, mind you), only to find that we HAD BEEN LOCKED IN THE PARK. Seriously, deadbolt and all, there was no escape for our 4 cars and the 5+ cars leaving after us.

We had two options. Have an impromptu camping sesh in the park all night, or call the police to let us out. We were starving and on our way to dinner when we were locked in, so guess which one we chose. I get serious "hunger grumps" so I was pretttttty peeved that we were locked in even though we left right at closing time, and we didn't get our promised "15 minutes" to leave the park (although I had to laugh a little at our predicament haha). We called the police and they were kind enough to come to our sweet, sweet rescue, all while cursing the park employee who locked us all in early. We were free to head on our merry way to stuff our faces with delicious Chipotle goodness.

Alright, so maybe we didn't do anything all that crazy, and no one was in trouble, but it still seems to fit in line with our family dynamics; there's always something interesting to say about the time we spend together. :-) Here are a few of my favorite shots of my beautiful Aunt Bobbi Jo, my gorgeous cousin Lauryn, and adorable cousin Joshua. Joshua is probably the sweetest, happiest kid I've ever met, and was all too happy to pose whenever he saw a camera pointed in his direction. Loved it. :-)


All three together, just missing my cousin Justin and Uncle Tim. Next time!


Beautiful Lauryn. She JUST got her learners permit...I can't believe it! I was holding you as a baby yesterday, I swear!


See what I mean about Joshua striking a pose? He's a natural!2014-03-02_0017


Lovely!! 2014-03-02_00102014-03-02_0011

A more "artsy" shot...


My favorite...Joshua loooovvvves his big sister.


A candid shot of my beautiful aunt. Let's talk about that light...swooooon


I think we probably took this one while the park ranger was locking us all in...haha Stephanie Kopf Photography virginia portrait photographer

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