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Krysta Norman of KAN Pursuits | Virginia Wedding and Portrait Photographer

If you've been following my ramblings since last September when I started this little blog-o-mine, you may remember I mentioned that I had recently mustered the courage to attend a photographer's get together without knowing literally anyone there. Lucky for me, I was in fantastic company with everyone in attendance, but I found myself chatting for a while with Krysta in particular. It's funny sometimes, when you think of all the little things that had to happen to bring you to a particular moment or situation. For example, the string of events that led me to a dinner with a bunch of (awesome) strangers on a random Thursday evening last fall involved so many little, seemingly insignificant steps outside of my comfort zone, that ultimately culminated into one big step (or at least it seemed that way at the time, it doesn't seem so big anymore compared to what's happening this year).  I've felt and seen myself grow in many ways since that "big step", and I like to think that Thursday evening was the cusp of it all.  Of course a small photographer get together isn't some huge, epic, typical "life changing event", but I swallowed a stupid amount of  fear and feelings of  insecurity and inferiority to get myself there. Anyway, regardless of the many events leading to that evening, I think that I ended up exactly where I needed to be.

I found myself in Stephanie Messick's cozy home, filled with so many sweet, creative souls. Personally, I was happy to be squished on a loveseat with Krysta and Stephanie, eating delicious noodles off a plate in my lap, which wobbled precariously every time we burst into ridiculous laughter. There was not only a lot of talent in that room, but also a lot of joy.

Krysta Norman is one of those people who you can meet for the first time, and feel like you have been lifelong friends. She's kind, she's funny, she's relatable, and she makes you feel comfortable when you're around her (a rare quality, I think).  We chatted between ourselves for a while that evening, and found that we have similar tastes and styles, shoot with the same equipment, and were in the same stages of developing our businesses. A couple of months later, we decided to partner up for as many weddings as we could this season, some of which I'll be helping her as second shooter, and vice versa. I am thrilled. You can check out some of her work here.

We've already gotten together a few times to strategize for our weddings we have coming up (and drink bloody marys, lament about our struggles, talk about our pets, share our dreams haha). Our last meeting ended with us heading over to Bull Run to grab some fresh air and take advantage of a glowy, relatively warm afternoon, where I tried to suppress with the fear of posing and shooting (I still feel weird saying I'm going to go "shoot" someone!) another photographer. It's weird, but the best thing I can equate it to would be doing your amazing hairstylist's hair, or fixing your super-talented mechanic's car, you know?  Of course I got over it after about 5 minutes because Krysta's so awesome and sweet, but I was nervous at first. We ended up having a blast though, and I was literally hopping up and down every time I looked down at the back of my camera to review a shot.

Here's a few of my favorites. Can we all just take a minute at the end of the post and exhale  a collective "Daaaanggggg" because she totally rocked this fun little shoot. Enjoy!







Loved this one. 2014-02-23_0009










 All together now:  "Daaaanggggg."  Krysta you are entirely too pretty.

Check out Krysta's work here!

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