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Christmas Morning 2013

Christmas morning has been a little more magical since my little brother and sister entered this world.  Alex and Rachel are very much in love with Santa, and rightly so; he brings them the best gifts on Christmas morning that make the rest of ours pale in comparison. They are so sweet though, and probably the most grateful kids I've ever seen. After frantically shredding the shiny paper off each gift, they are sure to exclaim how much they love it, no matter how small, and follow it up with a big hug. Their excitement seems to make the early morning 45 minute drive over to my Mom's house at 6am worth it.

As always, we were all spoiled with generous, thoughtful gifts again this year, but most of all we reveled in each other's company amidst the early morning glow. Our family does christmas morning right, including a pajama dress code, "breakfast appetizers" of chocolate from our stockings, and a huge home cooked breakfast from mom after the gifting frenzy subsides. I take pride in our little Christmas morning tradition being nothing but relaxed, cheerful lounging (for the adults, anyway...the kids go crazy all morning) sprinkled with a few silly jokes told here and there.

On another note, I received a nifty little device from my brother that has allowed me to take my external flash off camera. Christmas morning was my first attempts with it. I look forward to torturing my husband with hours of practice time in the upcoming months to prepare for the weddings I will be photographing in 2014. Some of these shots were taken with the flash, and some without because I hadn't yet opened my gift. :-)

According to my facebook news feed, everyone else looked like they had the best Christmas ever, and I was thrilled to see so many happy posts! Cheers to everyone and a happy new year! Here are a few shots from the morning. Some aren't what I would call professional quality and aren't perfect...but are representative of the excitement, fun, and love we shared as a family that morning, and that is what mattered most to me.

I think their expressions were what I enjoyed the most about these photos. This first shot was about 30 seconds after Rachel woke up, still rocking bed head, sleepy eyes, and groggy voice...but happy. :-)




Her face!! Hahaha that is determined excitement right there.


Loved this "action shot".



That smile... :-)


Showing off Santa's gift to Dad while my "older" brother Danny tries to wake up. :-)




My Dad opening a canvas print of a picture I took of him and the kids. I was really excited about this one.


Alex constructing one of his new lego sets. :-)


My cute husband Jarad being adorable as always...xmas2013

Rachel found "reindeer" fur on the front porch and was thrilled. I didn't know they shed this time of year... ;-)


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