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The Wedding of Stephen and Mary Bilko

The much anticipated day was finally here.  It was a chilly November morning, as I drove, shaking with nerves, out to Leesburg for the start of the most fun, beautiful day I've had the pleasure of being a part of in a very long time. I was, admittedly, more nervous than the bride and groom. Conversely, a calm, composed Mary answered my phone call on the way there, giving me last minute details with a smile in her voice. I met both Mary and Stephen at the hotel and they said their goodbyes with excitement in their eyes, knowing that the next time they saw each other, it would be time.

Throughout the morning, Mary bounced happily around the hotel suite, chatting casually with her mother and sisters and putting the finishing touches on the bouquets with soft,  upbeat music playing in the background. When the time arrived for her to put on her dress, the room became much more quiet, and all attention that was previously directed towards primping curls, applying lipstick, and strapping on heels, was now only on her. She was stunning.

I am so thrilled that Mary and Stephen wanted to have a special moment to themselves before their ceremony. The "first look" was nothing short of magical. When Stephen turned around to see his bride for the first time, his subtle gasp, and her glowing smile had me frozen. I couldn't do anything but stand still and hit the shutter button. I am so glad I did.

After the initial first look, we toured around Temple Hall Farm in the COLD. Mary and Stephen were such champs for braving the icy temperatures, but the sunset was to die for and those pre-ceremony shots are some of my favorites I have ever taken.

It was truly an honor documenting the wedding and following reception. The romantic, rustic, and intimate setting was absolutely gorgeous and I think it fit Mary and Stephen's personalities perfectly, as warm, inviting people. I know I will certainly never forget this special day, and I hope that these photos will help you to remember the magic of your wedding day for the rest of your lives together. CHEERS to the newlyweds, Stephen and Mary Bilko!!!

First, the ring shots. 2013-12-01_0076 2013-12-01_0077 2013-12-01_0078 2013-12-01_0079 2013-12-01_0080 2013-12-01_0081 2013-12-01_0082 2013-12-01_0083 2013-12-01_0084 2013-12-01_0085 2013-12-01_00862013-12-02_0002GASP! STUNNING! Mary you are so gorgeous. 2013-12-01_0087 Stephen sent in a little note for Mary along with TIFFANY earrings. <32013-12-01_0089 2013-12-01_00882013-12-01_01462013-12-01_0090 2013-12-02_00012013-12-01_0091 Father and son. 2013-12-01_0092 I live for moments like this. 2013-12-01_0093 2013-12-01_0094Stephen looking dapper with his suspenders...2013-12-01_0095 2013-12-01_0096 All of Stephen's groomsmen got pocket watches! How sweet is that?!?2013-12-01_0097 And then it was time for the first look...2013-12-01_0098 Helllooooo LOVELY!2013-12-01_0099 2013-12-01_0100 2013-12-01_01472013-12-01_0102 2013-12-01_0103 2013-12-01_0104 2013-12-01_0105 2013-12-01_0106 2013-12-01_0107 2013-12-01_0108 2013-12-01_0109 2013-12-01_0110 2013-12-01_0111 LOVE this one. 2013-12-01_0112 2013-12-01_0113 2013-12-01_0114 2013-12-01_0115It was cold, but we couldn't have asked for a better sunset! The ground sparkled beneath us. 2013-12-01_0116 2013-12-01_0117There were a few peacocks strolling around the farm. SO COOL. 2013-12-02_0003I loved the little rustic details and the adorable cake! 2013-12-01_0118Proud Mom and Son on their way up to the alter. 2013-12-01_0119 And then it was the moment everyone had all been waiting for. 2013-12-01_0120 2013-12-01_0121 2013-12-01_0122 2013-12-01_0123 2013-12-01_0124 2013-12-01_0125Husband and Wife!! 2013-12-01_0126 2013-12-01_0127The kids table was definitely where I wanted to spend my time! And that drawing says "Love is Happiness". Cue melting heart. 2013-12-01_0128 Along with the speeches came the waterworks...from me mostly.  2013-12-01_0133 2013-12-01_0145 2013-12-01_0135 2013-12-01_0136 2013-12-01_0137 2013-12-01_0132The most beautiful first dance as husband and wife. 2013-12-01_01302013-12-01_0139 2013-12-01_01312013-12-01_0140 2013-12-01_0141 2013-12-01_0142Everyone ate, drank, and was merry. 2013-12-01_01292013-12-01_0143 Soon it was time for the last shot of the evening, a moment shared together away from everyone in the quiet November evening. What a beautiful, perfect day. 2013-12-01_0144

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