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The Lozada-Habtu Family Fall Photos

 I can't say that I was feeling all that great on Sunday before this family session, but after meeting and spending time with this amazing little family, my spirits were soaring.  Paola, Biz, and sweet baby Anderson were SO much fun to photograph. First of all, Anderson was probably the sweetest, most tolerant little guy I've met. The day had started out so nice and warm, but as the time neared for our session, the wind had picked up some speed and the temperatures were dropping. Fast. But precious little Anderson was such a champ! Paola, Biz, and Paola's sister Kathy (whom I dubbed my assistant in charge of smiles-she was so sweet and an amazing help by the way!) kept him bundled up while we were strolling around Lake Mercer. I happened to get some shots of him all snuggled up and those ended up being some of my favorites!

Paola, Biz, and Anderson are SUCH a beautiful family, I was gushing over your photos for hours while I went through them. I had such a tough time choosing my favorites because I loved them all! You were all such sweet, genuine people, and your happiness really shines through in your portraits. It was truly an honor spending my afternoon with you! Enjoy a few of my favorites from the session. 2013-11-12_0001 2013-11-12_0002 2013-11-12_0003 2013-11-12_0004 2013-11-12_0005 2013-11-12_0006 2013-11-12_0007 2013-11-12_0008 2013-11-12_0009 2013-11-12_0010 2013-11-12_0011 2013-11-12_0012 2013-11-12_0013 2013-11-12_0014 2013-11-12_0015 2013-11-12_0016 2013-11-12_0017 2013-11-12_0018 2013-11-12_0019 2013-11-12_0020 2013-11-12_0021 2013-11-12_0023 2013-11-12_0024 2013-11-12_0025 2013-11-12_0026 2013-11-12_0027


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