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The Huerta Family Fall Shoot

"Family is not an important thing, it is everything."

I have not only had the pleasure of working with Jennifer at my last job, but she also convinced me to step out of my comfort zone a little over a year ago and get back into soccer, (one of my first loves) and join her on her team. Thanks for that, Jennifer, my chocolate-loving, exercise-hating body will be forever in your debt. :-) Throughout the year I have gotten to meet her kids Catalina and Ramez on more than a few occasions, but I really loved getting to know them betterĀ on Monday.
It was a beautiful afternoon. Ramez was the first to come meet me by the water at Burke Lake park, while Jennifer put the finishing touches on Catalina's flowing curls, fastening some up with a sparkling pin, that she later would be eager to show off to me (adorable!). Ramez and I strolled around the area, and he helped me pick out a few spots for our session. I was SO impressed by this young man. I couldn't believe that a high school freshman could be so polite, charismatic, and intelligent. He told me about his big dreams of going to a school like Harvard or Cornell, his passion for lacrosse, and his plans for a career in plastic surgery. This kid is awesome.
Jennifer, Catalina, and their adorable, fluffy dog Elvis came striding down soon after, and we started one of the cutest sessions I've ever done. Catalina radiates the same high levels of confidence and charisma that her mother does, and her energy is contagious. I couldn't help but smile behind the camera every time she did. Jennifer was kind enough to let me snap a few shots with just her as well and, wow...I am so glad she did. You are seriously so lovely.
You can tell this family has such a strong bond, and means everything to each other. I had a fantastic time with you guys, and I really appreciate the opportunity to showcase your happiness and love. Enjoy.
PS I totally want to steal Elvis. That dog is way too soft and cute for his own good. :)

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