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Yellow Blur

My husband and I recently decided that we were no longer interested in a clean home, intact shoes, or sleep, so we brought a puppy into our lives.

Not just any puppy, a labrador puppy. If you have had the pleasure of meeting a lab, you know that boundless doesn't begin to describe the energy level of this animal. The past 6 weeks I have been chasing around a bouncing, yellow blur, prying everything from rocks to my favorite shirt out of her mouth. She is instantly enamored with everyone she meets, jumping up, (we're working on it, don't hate me, poor neighbor with mud all over your pants) wiggling uncontrollably, and showering each passerby with sloppy kisses. No hesitation, nothing held back. Pure, unbridled excitement for each new person she meets, and she is loved for it - being ridiculously cute maybe has a little to do with it. I envy my dog (yes, I envy a creature whose favorite treat involves a dig through the cat's litter box) in her excitement, in her instant connection with each passerby.

Why am I starting a photography blog with ramblings about my dog? For one, she happened to be gnawing on my foot as I was toying with the idea of starting a blog. Secondly, I came to the conclusion that I could learn something from my “yellow blur” as I embark my most recent endeavor. I "put myself out there" a couple weeks ago with the launch of a facebook page (yikes!) for my photography hobby, and it was well received. So well received, I had a mini panic attack at the thought of so many sweet people (some of which I have never met) trusting me with photographing their families, their engagement, their wedding. Commence self doubt. Feelings of social anxiety deep seated in horror stories from a gangly, brace-faced nerd in middle school dying for someone to sit with at lunch, pining for the slightest bit of acceptance from the cool kids start to bubble up.

So, here we are, 13 years later. I am unbelievably happy with my life, and I have a loving husband and great friends who will sit with me at the lunch table any day...but the little, unsure voice still whispers in my ear in unfamiliar social settings. I'm working on it, more so lately than usual. I attended my first photographer get together (about 15 ladies I had never met) last night, and I had the BEST time connecting with everyone; they were all so sweet, and even laughed at my stupid jokes! I am sure I came off a little awkward, but everything I said was sincere and came from a desire to learn, relate, and make some friends.

A photographer not only must exude mad confidence to put their subjects at ease, knowing they are in good hands, but also become a friend. That’s when the magic happens. Real smiles, comforable, not-so-posed moments make the best photos, and the best memories. So here we go, folks. I am determined to take a page out of my puppy's book and strive to be the bouncy, yellow blur that everyone finds so charming with my clients (whoa, do I really have clients?) in their upcoming photo sessions, even if I get a little mud on their pants. Image

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